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Castlecuffe Rocks!

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Our Rock & Roll Day

On the 29/3/11 Castlecuffe N.S. had a terrific fundraiser day for the A-Z Children’s Charity. One of the teachers will be working with them in Uganda over the summer. The fundraiser included a disco, cake sale, and 50’s and Stone Age fancy dress.

The pupils are preparing for the Co-Operation is Cool Project and the day was certainly ‘cool’. The theme for the fundraiser was ‘Castlecuffe Rocks’ with the senior room doing Rock & Roll and a cake sale, the middle room doing the Stone Age and the junior room doing a dramatised version of ‘Stone Soup’.

The pupils and parents of Castlecuffe N.S. gave generously and we all had an epic amount of fun and enjoyment. The day was stupendous and an impressive amount was raised.

Caoimhe, Sarah-Jane, Aaron and Mary. 29/3/11.


This morning we went to school dressed up as a rock & roll person or a caveman to raise money for the A-Z Children’s Charity that Miss Bryant is helping this year.

At half nine we went out to Miss Digan’s room to sing our song. Miss Digan’s pupils did a play called ‘Stone Soup’ and Miss Bryant’s room gave us facts on the Stone Age.

Our room composed a song. It was a remix of Rock Around the Clock and another rock and roll song. After that we sold our cakes that we all made the night before. We were making a lot of money.

Afterwards we went back to Miss Digan’s room to dance and have a disco. We did the dancing first. We were split into groups and had to show our routine to the others. It was fun. Then we had the disco but that was just like the dancing. We then went out to break.

We went back to our classroom and the 6 class girls were allowed to go out and sell cakes to the parents. Hopefully we will raise a lot of money for the A-Z Children’s Charity.

By Mark, Dylan, Emma and Chloe. 29/3/11

The Castlecuffe Rock

At nine o clock we’re ready to rock,
rock to the Castlecuffe Rock!
Here comes ten, we’re chewing a pen,
Now it’s eleven, we’re learnin’ our spellings
When the hand hits twelve
We bless ourselves and off we go to break!

When the bell rings one,
goodbye Mr. Sun (Aaw)
At ten past two, goodbye to a few
But we’ve still got lots to do ( aaw, man!)
We’ve got to wait ‘til three ‘til we are free
To rock to the Castlecuffe Rock!

We’re gonna head up to the Giant’s Grave,
We’re gonna have some fun
Gonna have a rave!
Then we’re goin’ up to Brittas
Are you comin’ with us?
There’s a lake and a castle
Baby , there’s no hassle -
Gonna rock to the Castlecuffe Rock!

For our Heritage Project,
we designed a board game.
So you you can have some fun on the web,
we also designed a close test and crossword.
See below.

This is a crossword designed by Mrs Dunne's room. Are you smart enough to work it out?
Click here to find out.

We have designed a cloze test based on the history of the Clonaslee area.Try out our cloze test here.

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