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Cór na nÓg

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Cór na nÓg

'Cór na nÓg' means 'choir of the young' and that's exactly what it is. Pupils from senior primary classes join with other schools from the local area and form a big choir. We sing a specially chosen selection of songs.

But first we have to practice! When we have learned the songs in our own school we get to go to other schools to practice with them - and that can be fun as we are usually there for break time and we get to meet up with some old friends and make new ones.

At the end the whole thing comes together in a wonderful night of song and music. There could be as many as 100 children on stage singing with an orchestra. Cór na nÓg happens every two years and last year we had our first performance in the Dunamaise Theatre and the Grand Finale for most of us took place in the Court Hotel, Tullamore.

Darren Campbell
17th January 2008.

Performance at Dunamaise Theatre 2007
Choir performing in Tullamore Court Hotel 2007

From Castlecuffe N.S. to the The National Concert Hall

We began learning the songs with our teacher Mrs Dunne. Then Linda Lee came and told us that we would have to learn 22 songs and that we would be going to Tullamore and Portlaoise in a few weeks time to practice with other schools.

She helped us to read the music, explained about first and seconds and descants and practiced with us to get the timing and notes right. She accompanied us on the keyboard and sang with us until we knew the songs well. She came every Tuesday and taught us the songs and when she wasn't there our teacher helped us. We had practices with other schools in St. Philomena's N.S. in Tullamore and in St. Paul's N.S. in Portlaoise. The the nights of the concerts finally arrived. There were people playing instruments in front of us - drums, a piano, violins and lots more!

Before each song, one of the teachers introduced the song and told the history of it and who wrote it.

By Sarah Rigney.

(But this was'nt the end for Sarah. Three people from our school were allowed to go forward to the national Cór na nÓg in the National Concert Hall in Dublin on the 10th June 2007. Sarah, Bláithín and Laura were selected. Read on to hear their story of the day they performed in the National Concert Hall.)

The National Concert Hall

During last year Mrs Dunne’s room prepared twenty three songs which we performed in the Court Hotel Tullamore and the Dunamaise Theatre Portlaoise. Three people (Blaithin, Laura and Sarah) were chosen to sing in the National Children’s Choir. We were to perform in the National Concert Hall in Dublin. We got up at 7:30 in the morning and came to the school. Mahon’s bus was there waiting for us. When we arrived at the concert hall we had to practice the songs that we had been learning over the year. When we were finished we went shopping and had something to eat. At 5:30 we had to go back and practice our songs again for another hour. We went back stage and the concert hall started to fill up. As we all lined up on the stage everyone was getting very nervous. We sang the national anthem first and then the other songs. At the end we sang a song for our conductor Sean Creamer who was retiring after many years working with Cor na nÓg. He was also given a gift. When it was over we found our parents at the front door. The best thing about going was we got to sing in a choir in the National Concert Hall. Sarah’s favourite song was ‘Thank you for the music’ and Laura’s was ‘Euro mix’. It was a day we will never forget.

Laura and Sarah

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