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Discover Science

Archive 2

Discover Science

In 2007 our school received a Discover Science Excellence Award from Forfás.
In order to achieve the award we had to carry out several tasks laid out in the Discover Primary
Science Booklet. We had to do several science experiments and various other activities set out by Forfás
and record them for submission with our Discovery Log. We visited Birr Castle, which is a registered
Primary Science Discovery Centre.

When we were told we were going to receive an award, 2 adults and 3 children were invited to collect
it at the ceremony in Athlone. Declan, Chris and Brian went. They got Discover Science t-shirts and tried
out all the activities at the stands.

We hope to be going again in 2008!

Making a Rocket

Materials: Balloon, string, fat straw, peg, sellotape and 2 chairs.

Procedure: We got into our groups and each group got materials. We set up our chairs back to back, a good distance apart. We tied one end of the string to the chair and put the other end through the straw. We blew up the balloon and fastened the end with the peg. Then we stuck the balloon to the straw with the tape. Then each group took turns releasing the peg and launching the balloon.

What we learned: The gas rushing out from a rocket or jet pushes it forward.

By: Grainne and Sarah. 10/10/07.

Make a Film Container Rocket

Materials: film container, fizzy tablet, water.

Procedure: First of all we got our materials and then we went outside. When we got outside Mrs. Dunne gave us a fizzy tablet. Then we all had to put the lid on the container as fast as we could. When we had the lid on we had to hold the container out so we would not get hit when it blasts off. When it blasts off the lid flies up in the air. Some of the containers did not blast off because some of the lids had air holes so the bubbles came out by the side of the lid. The gas building up inside the container forced the lid to fly up in the air like a rocket.

Gearoid Carroll

We made an electric quiz. We are using the electric quiz for a discover science project. We made the electric quiz out of cardboard, paper, crocodile clips, pritt stick, battery and a buzzer. We all got to design our own quiz in pairs. Next we showed the class the quiz and they had to guess the answers. Some of them were about soccer or cars and some of the class didn’t know the answers. If it beeps it is the right answer and if it doesn’t beep it is the wrong answer. After we showed our class we had a science display in the corridor where we showed parents how to work the electric quiz. Some of the parent’s were very good at the flower quiz. We saw flowers on our walk to Glenbarrow and we based our quiz on them.

How we made the electric quiz.
We put a metal pin beside each question and answer. We hooked up crocodile clips at the back to each question and the matching answer. Then we hooked another clip to a battery and then another from the battery to the buzzer and other to the question. The person answering the quiz had to touch the loose end to the correct answer to complete the circuit and make a buzz.

By Sarah, Grainne and Gearoid.

Science Week at Birr Castle
On Tuesday 13 November we went to visit Birr C
astle. It is in County Offaly, about 15 miles from our school. We saw the great telescope but could not look through it. We did a treasure hunt, the clues were to do with the history of birr castle, and the starry corridor was very good. It was science week at the castle and we got to see some cool things like bats, frogs and cockroaches, although I did not like dissected horse leg. The castle is not open to the public at the moment but we got to walk around the out side of it. We could see how it was defended and where the cannons would sit. We were allowed to look in the gift shop.
By Mollie Senior.

Non-Burning Fiver
We went to Birr Castle on the 13/11/07. It was Science Week in Birr Castle. We went into the Science room. There was a man that was trying to burn a fiver using water, alcohol and salt. He dipped the fiver into the three ingredients. Then he set it on fire with a lighter but it didn’t burn.It would not burn because of the alcohol and salt and the fire turned yellow, red and orange. It was a great day out.
By Gearóid and Patrick

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