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Emo Court

Past Projects On Our Locality

One day we went to Emo Court on a bus. When we got there we took photos and then we met our guide Jacinta. berfore we went in we had to take off our shoes to protect the carpets and floors. We got to see the room under the Rotunda and the dining room first. we could not go upstairs or go into some rooms because they were being done up. In one of the rooms there was a pot of swords and there were lots of paintings in the house.

In the morning room, there was a letter opener for opening the letters. In the dining room there was a picture of a young boy dressed as a girl and pictures of Mr. Harrison's ancestors. the guide told us that when the Jesuits lived there they changed the room under the Rotunda. Cholmely Harrison put it back the way it was. Cholmeley harrison died in September this year (2008).

When we went outside we met our garden guide and she showed us around the Emo Court gardens and the lake. On the lake there were ducks and swans. We also saw pigeons. We kicked around in the autumn leaves.

We had lots of fun.

By Rebecca and Eimear.

Our Emo Court Project
We would like to thank Laois Education Centre, the OPW and staff of Emo Court for giving us the opportunity to do this project and especially Rosemary, Emma and Paddy for all their help and interest.

The boys in 4th,5th,6th class wrote a play based on their Emo Court Project.

A Letter From Emo Court

Emo Court,
March 1901.

Mother Dearest,

How are you? I am working away and forging ahead in the Big House just outside Emo. I will be home next Sunday, please God. It will be Mothering Sunday and I made a sweet cake yesterday. It is called a Simnel Cake and I will be bringing that with me. Mrs Bridgids is the head housekeeper. She is as cross as a bag of cats and she rules the house with an iron fist.

Your little sweetheart,

Áine. (Annie) (
By Darren)


mo court is in Laois
My friends and I went to Emo Court
On the weekend

ould you believe they have animals?
Our dad saw a squirrel
Up in a tree eating nuts
Right after we saw a deer
Then we went back home

By Albert

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