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Local Placenames

Past Projects On Our Locality

This year we researched our local placenames. We used the archive pages of our school website, 'Notes on the Placenames of Laois' by Laois County Council 2006, 'The History of Clonaslee' and Meadow By the Way History Of Clonaslee' both produced by Clonaslee B.N.S. in 1975 and 1986 and 'At the Foot Of The Slieve Bloom' by Paddy Heaney to research our placenames. We also used the Clonaslee Transition Year website and the internet to find information.

We produced a hand-made pack of cards with Clonaslee placenames. You can see some examples of them in the slideshow on the right. We entered our project in the Laois Education Centre Heritage Project competition and we came 2nd in the Primary category. You can click here to see the Heritage Projects.

Below is the design of the back of each card. It is the design for Clonaslee itself and was designed by Sarah-Jane Purcell.


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