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Mary Delaney

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Mary Delaney was the last person to start working in the Clonaslee Co- op office. There were already 3 people working there when she started, Padraig Bryne, Margaret Mullins, and Dolores Hogan. Mary was taking on for 3 months to clear a backlog and ended up staying for 21 years. She earned €25 a week when she started.'s first job was dealing with the customers who brought in pigs for sale and those who purchased meal from the mill. She had to find out the weight of the pigs and hand them the cheque. This was a good part of the job as the farmers were nice to deal with. They worked from 9 am to 5 pm and took it in turns to work on Saturdays. They did not work on Sundays. When Mary started working there she bought a new bicycle and cycled to work.
Padraig Bryne was the office Manager and was very easy to work for.
Mary disliked the smell at first but got used to it. Sometimes she would have to go into the pig house to get somebody for the phone and then the smell would get on her hair and cloths.
The staffs were great to work with and everyone got on very well. At lunchtime they would play cards or soccer. The lads were always playing tricks on Mary and once she ended up in the water tank. She also got some baby mice as a surprise gift. Mick O'Neill was the General Manager while Mary worked there.21 years that she worked there, a lot of changes took place. It is sad to see the place closed. Mary would not like to go back as she is happy as a teacher now, but she is glad she worked there and made some life long friends.

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