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Miss O'Brien's Room

Our Class News

Miss O'Brien's class would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and all the best for 2019.

They were all busy today designing their snow globes! We hope you like them.

The pupils in Miss O'Briens room have been busy writing Christmas stories. Below is one of the stories they wrote:

The Night Santa Got Lost

Once upon a time Santa was preparing for Christmas Eve. Santa grabbed his heavy sack. “It is time to fly” said Santa. “Rudolf, Vixen, Dasher!” shouted Santa. “Tommy the Elf” said Santa, “we are flying now”. "Ok," said Santa, "let’s go!"

Santa was now in the air. "First house," said Santa. Tommy was going down the chimney. He crept up to the child and put in five presents. "Let’s go," said Santa.
"Off we go!"

Then Santa got to the second house. “Down you go,” said Santa. Tommy was about to go down when a little boy saw Tommy. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!", screamed the little boy. "Let’s go," said Tommy to Santa. "Good idea," said Santa, and in a flash the sleigh was gone.

On the third house Tommy went down so deep...... but it was only a cottage. "Help!" shouted Tommy…….
Santa jumped down the chimney to save Tommy, who was now in a cage. Then Santa saw a witch and said “Let the elf go.” “Never,” said the witch, “Finders keepers!” The witch grabbed Santa's stick. The witch said “Woo-who too loo goo”. The house became a monster.

The monster ran as Santa said “Rudolf ahead”. Rudolf leapt into the monster and got Santa and Tommy out of the monster. Tommy got out of the cell. "We are never going in there again. She will be on the naughty list for life!"

By O.D 3rd class

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