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Elizabeth Flynn

We went to visit Mrs Flynn for folklore 2000. We asked her about her school days and her life as a child.We learned that life has changed a lot since then.
She started school in Cadamstown when she was five years old .
She had to walk a mile to get to school .In school she learned Irish, English, History, Geography, Maths, Catechism and sewing .The Irish and English letters were different from each other. They wore dresses to school and on Friday it was washed for Mass on Sunday. They had one pair of boots for the winter and they wore no shoes in the summer. Her principal was Miss Quigney and her teacher was Miss Pender. In school they played tig and skipping. Her favourite part of school was playtime. She did not like going to school that much. She did not go to secondary school.

Mrs Flynn had a happy childhood most of the time. Her most frightening moment in her childhood was when she and her sister were chased by a bull. Her happiest moment in her childhood was when she finished school.

When she had a cold she was given scalded buttermilk (boil the buttermilk and add sugar and drink while hot). This was a good cure and it always worked.

She had to pick and sow the potatoes, thin the turnips ,rear the turf, carry the water, gather the sticks and make the hay. They used to hang the bacon from the roof. She hated carrying the water the most because she had to walk about one mile and she had to carry two heavy buckets of water back to the house.

She ate porridge, potatoes, bread, butter. She never ate lamb, beef, loaf bread, frozen food or tinned food. She grew most of her food her self.

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I enjoyed my interview with Mrs Flynn. It was very educational. I learned a lot of things I never knew before.
Interview with Mrs Flynn on the 8/2/2000 By Brigid Thank you

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