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Archive 1 > Interviews for FOLKLORE 2000 PROJECT

Family and pram

Mrs Ciss Tarleton

Interviewed by Sarah and Niamh
We went to visit Mrs Tarleton for folklore 2000. We asked her questions like what was an old cure and what was it like as a child. We learned a lot.
She was born on the 13/3/1916 the year of the rising, in Ballyroe.
She had a happy childhood.
Her jobs were to clean up the house, feed the animals, drive the tractor and pick the vegetables.

The sort of food she had was cabbage , porridge , bacon and things like that. The only sweet thing she had was her mother’s currant cake.

An old cure for warts is to get a snail and put it on a thorn of a bush. By the time it was dead your wart would be gone. She didn’t have to use any medicine. There were no drugs and only one or two murders on the paper. Their family grew most of their food.

Family bikes
Old thatched house

She walked to school about five miles in her bare feet.
Her teachers names were Mrs Hanrahan and Sadie Guinan .
Sometimes she would stay at home to help around the house or on the farm
She mostly played chasing at school.
Her subjects at school were Maths, English and Religion. She had to stay after mass to learn religion.
She did not go to secondary school because she had to stay at home to look after her sick brother.

We enjoyed our visit.

We learned that life was very different back then and we learned that we are very lucky.We saw a big picture of her cousins but unfortunately cannot show it to you.
By Niamh and Sarah

Thank you Mrs Tarleton

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