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Mrs. Heiml

Archive 2

A teacher from Switzerland came to our school for three weeks. Her name was Mrs Heiml.

On the first week she helped Miss Digan’s room. The second week she went into Mrs Butterfield’s room. She showed them a running game and played the chocolate game with them.

On her last week she came into Mrs Dunne’s room. She played a card game with the boys when the girls were at a camogie match. We did a project about Switzerland and we all had different topics to write about. Mrs. Heiml helped us do the project by telling us where to find information and telling us about her school.

On her last day at our school we gave her a bog oak clock that she loved. We also gave her “The Faithful's Finest” honey. We all enjoyed her time with us and we hope to see her again.
By Laura and Christina

The Chocolate Game

Materials : scarf, cap, goggles, gloves, knife, fork, dice, 1 large bar of chocolate per group, chairs, table and referee

Aim: To eat as much chocolate as possible while following the rules of the game.

1. Choose order of players (start with youngest /ref decides)

2. Players roll dice, one go at a time until one person gets 6.

3. When you get six you must put on all the skiing gear, then take the knife and fork in your hands and try to eat the chocolate with out touching it with your hands before some one else rolls a 6.

4. When another 6 is rolled, you must hand over the gear and take your turn to roll the dice.

5. Game ends when all the choclate is eaten.

Safety points: Care with knife and fork. Ensure no allergy to nuts or other ingredients.

Three weeks in Castlecuffe N.S.

Before I started my Assistant teachership my first worries were how to get to Castlecuffe and how to drive on the left side of the street. Of course I also wondered if I could be helpful or just standing in the back of the classroom.
I was very happy when I met the three teachers on Sunday in O`Meara`s B&B. I got a very warm welcome and had a first impression of Castlecuffe N.S.
In this three weeks with many special days like the Green Flag Day, First Communion or the journeys to Glenbarrow or the park in Clonaslee I could compare my school experiences I got from 12 years teaching with the ones I got here in this short time.
To see how good everybody worked together was great. The three teachers really do a great job and the parents are very well involved with everything. The pupils seemed to be interested in learning and compared with Swiss city pupils easier to get on with their problems.
I also realized how spoiled we are with our equipment in the PE halls and all our special rooms like the library or the science room. We do not really appreciate all of that any more. And most of all our pupils in Switzerland think they have a right to have all those things and get upset when they can not have everything right now. It was good to see that also in a small school in the country many things are possible when people care. And when it is in this familiar atmosphere, the pupils often feel proud to be a part of the whole and not just a consument.
For me it was a great experience to be here for three weeks and I enjoyed my stay very much.

Thank you very much!

Tschau Sepp!

A lady called Julia Heiml came to our school. She is from Switzerland and is a Swiss teacher. She has a husband and two children. She came for three weeks and brought swiss games, books and chocolate with her. Mrs Heiml showed us how to play a card game called TSCHAU SEPP using her swiss cards.

How to play:
The game is best played with 4-6 players but can be played with 2 or 3.
Give each player 5 cards and place the remaining cards face down in a pile. Turn over the first card to start another pile facing up. Players take their turn to place one of their cards on the pile if they have one to suit. If they don't have a suitable card they pick one from the pile facing down and if it suits they can play that one, ortherwise they keep it.

How do you know if you have a card suitable for play:

You can play a card if:

  • it has the same number or name (6,7,8,9,Under,Ober,Konig, Ass) as the last card played or if
  • it has the following or previous number or name in the same suit. The suits are Rose, Bell, Shield and Acorn.

For example, you may throw the following cards on a 6 Rose: 7 Rose, 5 Rose, 6 Shield, 6 Bell or 6 Acorn

If a player puts a card down and has only one card left, he/she says "Tschau" (Bye).
When a player can put his last card down he/she says "Sepp" (Joseph) and wins the game.

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