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My Great-Grandad

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My Great Grandad Paddy Corbet was born on the 12th of June 1920 In Ballykaneen, Clonaslee . Paddy went to school in Castlecuffe N.S. Paddy's name is the first name on the oldest roll book in our school. Paddy wore nailboots. He took then off in class to be like the other children. Then he went to Clonaslee boys school. Then he went to Knock Beg college.
Paddy joined the army in 1940 during the war. He left in 1944.
Paddy had 1 brother and 5 sisters. Paddy got married in 1948 and he had 11 children. Then he came home to farm in 1944. He farmed with horses. It was mixed farming. There was tillage, sheep, cattle, cows and pigs. He bought his first tractor in 1955. It was a Fordson. He went into dairying in 1960. He used to bring the milk in milkchurns to the creamery in Raheen near Abbeyleix every 2 days. He got into pigs in a big way. In 1964 when the Pig Co-op started in Clonaslee he was the first farmer to bring their first pigs in to the Co-op. He brought pigs every week for a long number of years. He was a member of the committee that started the Pig Co-op in Clonaslee until he retired in his late life. He was a founder member of the local agricultural show which is in its 58th year. He loved horses and bred a number of winners and had a great interest until his death in 2001 in his 81st year.

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