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Archive 1 > Interviews for FOLKLORE 2000 PROJECT

Granny and Grandad Keating

We went to visit Mr.Patrick Keating for Folklore 2000
We asked him questions like what it was like when he
was young.

He was over six years old when he started school.The
subjects he learned in school were English, Irish,
Religion and Maths.

He walked their three miles to get to school.

Sometimes he stayed home from school to help around
the house.

Mr O'Neill was the principal in his school at the time
and Mrs O'Neill and Miss Cash were the other two

He played hurling in school at play time There was
often a fight in school.

His favourite subject in school was Maths.

He didnít go to secondary school.

He had porridge in the morning for breakfast bacon and
cabbage for dinner and eggs for tea.

Nettles were good for your health.

He did not have pizza or spaghetti back then.

By Sarah and Niamh 11/2/00

We went to visit Mrs. Keating for folklore 2000.We
asked her what it was like when she was young.
She started school when she was five.The subjects she
did in school were English, Irish, Religion, Maths,
Cooking and Laundry.

She got to school by ass. She travelled three miles to
get to school.

She had older brothers and sisters so she didnít have to
stay at home from school and help out around the

She went to school in Portarlington. The principal in the
school at the time was Sister Imelda. She had different
teachers all the time (all of them were nuns).

She mostly played skipping at school. Her favourite
subject at school was Maths.She went to secondary
school. The best part of school was she said was the
end of it but she said it wasnít that bad

She had a happy and adventurous childhood. There
were no headlines about drugs, murders or robberies.
She used cod liver oil and things like that for medicine.

Her jobs were to milk the cows and feed the calves.

The food she mostly had was bread and butter,
potatoes, bacon and cabbage Her family grew a lot of
their own food. She didnít have canned food, pizza,
spices or spaghetti.

Interviewed by Sarah and Niamh 11/2/2000

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