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Archive 1 > Interviews for FOLKLORE 2000 PROJECT

Ms. Rosie Kennedy

For our folklore project we went to interview Rosie Kennedy. We found out lots of interesting information.We started by asking her about school days. She went to School in Clonaslee Girls N.S.

In school she learned Irish, English, maths, geography, history and knitting. Every day she had to walk to school bare footed. She had to walk one mile from her house to the school. She didn't have to stay at home to help out at home during school so she went to school every week day. They started school at the age of four or five normally. The principal at the time was Ms. Bates. Her teachers were Ms. Daly and Ms. Bates. The games they normally played were tag and hide and seek. Her favourite subject at school was English reading. She went to secondary school for two years. The thing she liked at school was meeting her friends. She enjoyed her years at school.


As a child she enjoyed her life at school and at home. Her most frightening experience as a child. was getting teeth out and her rubela injection. Her happiest experience as a child was passing her primary cert. When she was a child the headlines on the paper had only the odd murder. There was nothing about drugs in the paper and only a few robberies. She knew some people who could cure Jaundice, ring worm and shingles. Her family knew a home cure for shingles. The person that cured the shingles would prick his/hers finger with a needle and then put the blood on the scalp. Someone used one of the old cures on her. She was cured of shingles. She knew an older lady that could make cures for burns out of herbs. She didn't know any old cures her self.

As a child her jobs around the home was to bring in water for the washing and she had to bring turf and sticks for the fire. She had to pulp turnips and mangles to feed the cattle. To do her jobs it took her about one hour. As a child she hated thinning the turnips and scraping the potatoes. The food she had the most as a child was home made bread and butter made out of cream. We also often had potatoes and home cured bacon. Back then we didn't have pizza and burgers. They grew most of the food themselves. They were one of the only families that had a pump in their own yard.

I enjoyed this project because of all the tea and biscuits.
Thank you Rosie Kennedy Tom 09/02/00

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