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Sean McCann

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Clonaslee Co Operative Society
A Co- Operative Society is a group of people working together to provide a market for their produce.
I started working there in June 1979 and finished in April 1983. I worked in the Pig Fattening Unit as a Stockman and also did some maintenance work along with some work in the mill from time to time.
The Manager was a man from Cahirciveen in Co Kerry called Michael O Neill and Tom Gonoude from Tyrellspass Co Westmeath was the Assistant Manager. Matt Barrett (now a local auctioneer) was Fattening Unit Foreman (He is Manager now as the Co-Op closes) and among the others working there were Seamus Hickey, Simon Hogan, P.V. Dunne, John Joe Delaney, Sean Hyland, Joe Daly (late of Main Street) worked in the Mill. Pauric Byrne, Dolores Hogan, Margaret Dunne and Mary Delaney worked in the office.
Mostly my work involved feeding and looking after the pigs, injecting or dosing sick animals, cleaning and pressure washing sheds and pens - a lot of the usual work you get on any farm except with Pigs instead of the usual cattle or sheep.
The Mill ground Barley and Wheat to make animal food which was loaded into bags and put on pallets to sell to local farmers or loaded into lorries for sale to other Co-Ops and Pig Farms.
The office staff ran the business dealing with suppliers and customers and organizing the sale of pigs to the Factory.
The Dairy Farm staff of Ned Smith and John Casey dealt with the farm - making Silage, Milking Cows, and all the fencing, spreading of slurry etc.
Yes, it was a good place to work mostly, like every other job there were days you hated the place. But mostly it was good. Some people never got used to the smell of the pigs and could not work there. But once you did not mind the Pigs you were fine. The people were all great - Like a Team working together and getting the job done.McCann16/1/06

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