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Our New Jerseys

On 21 of April, 2010, our new jerseys were presented to us by the Parents’ Association. The jerseys are green and red with a bit of white and our school crest on the front and on the shoulders. The goalie jersey is mostly red. We are going to take care of our new jerseys as we really, really appreciate them. We have two sets of jerseys, one for the boys and one for the girls. We are hoping to show off our new jerseys at the finals in O’Moore Park but if we want to get to the final we will have to win most of our matches.

Our Sports Day

Every year we have a sports day in June. Our families can come to watch.

Each class has its own races.

We have a sack race, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, sprint, three-legged race, crawl race, hopping race and even a litter-picking race at the end.

It is great fun.

sack race on our sports day

Sack race on our sports day

Other sports

We also play basketball, volleyball, soccer, and other games. We have hopscotch and markings on our playground for lots of playground games.

Canoing and Orienteering

Last year 4th, 5th and 6th classes went to Portumna for a day. We travelled in cars (thanks to teachers and parents for driving!) and it was a beautiful day so we had to put suncream on. When we arrived at Lough Derg we met our instructors from Birr OEC, Mossie (aka Lorraine!), Paddy and Louise. They went through rules and safety points before we went on our walk. They told us to stay on the path because there could be ticks in the long grass.

We walked into the wood then for orienteering. We were put into teams and given a map and answer sheet per team. The map told us where to go to get the answers to the questions. The team could not leave until the instructor told us as he was timing us. It was really good fun trying to be fastest team back with the correct answers. The team with the fastest time did not have all the right answers so the second fastest team won.

We walked back to the lake and had our lunch at the lakeside. Darren's mam brought some sausages, sausage rolls and hash browns and we all dug in. They hit the spot!

Then it was time to change into the wetsuits for canoeing - not as easy as it sounds. The wetsuits were tight fitting and had to be put on properly. We had to put on life jackets then. We kept our shoes on - we had been told to wear old runners. We brought the boats and oars over to the side of the water and then we took turns jumping off the pier to get used to the water. If you didn't want to jump off the pier you could just walk into the water to get used to it.

We all waited on the grass then while Paddy told us how to steer the boat and what to do if the boat turned over. Then we queued up to get into the boats. There were four boats altogether so there were 5 in each of 3 boats and four in one boat. After canoing for a while in the shallow area our instructors told us we were going to canoe across the lake to the marina, which we could not see from where we were. The four canoe were tied together in twos and we took off. When we got to the marina we played 'pampers v huggies' in our teams with lifejackets. We then spent about half an hour jumping off the pier. We all dived in, even Miss! We had a race canoing back and one group decided to go through the reeds!

It was a cracker of a day!

teams get together for orienteering

Teams get together for orienteering

ready to paddle for all we're worth

Getting ready to paddle for all we're worth

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