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Tools and Implements

Archive 1

I went to visit Mr. o’ Meara to ask him had he any old tools. He showed me these.A sickle was used for cutting corn. The mallet was used for driving wood and pegs. It was used in carpentry.

Years ago people used these kinds of saws for cutting down trees, which they used for firewood. Today people don’t use the old saws They use machinery
By Jenny and Brigid.

The shoe mender was used to repair shoes. It was also called a last.

These irons were used to iron clothes. We have 4 irons in my home. The irons are different in size. The woman put the irons on the coals to heat them. Then she would put a cloth on the handle. She would spit on the iron to test if it was hot. If the spit ran off fast the iron was hot enough to use.

I asked Johnny Rigney had he any old kettles, pots and pans. He showed me them. He said that the kettles were over 50 years old. They were for boiling the water for the tea.

These pans are over 60 to 65 years old.

Years ago some pots were called bakers. People used bakers to bake brown bread. They put the brown bread in the baker and then they put coals on the lid. Then the people put the lid of the baker on it. The bread baked in the baker. The big pot was for cooking the spuds. The pot was put hanging on the crook over the open fire.

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